Monday, February 13, 2017

Mobile Apps Download Trend

It has become a fact that Mobile Devices have changed the way we consume Media. Just a few years back, Television was our main channel to consume media followed by Newspapers, magazines and Radio. However, with smartphones and tablets on the rise, consumers have quickly shifted their preferences thanks to portability, ease of use, coverage and rich media availability.

Juniper Research’s report had predicted in the “Future App Store: Discovery, Monetization & Ecosystem Analysis 2013-2018,” report that gaming will fuel a sharp hike in app downloads – in 2017, over 160 billion apps will be downloaded globally onto consumer handsets and tablets.

 Meanwhile, the trends observed on the InMobi network are in tandem with this prediction, with games as a category representing a strong 64% of the total apps downloaded through their network. Communication apps were a far 11.3% and telecom 6.8%.

Mobile Apps Download. Image: InMobi

What do consumers do on Mobile?

Mobile Apps for work and play

As far the segregation of media activities go, Social Media and Entertainment (21 percent each) are consumed the most followed by playing games (15 percent). Email comprises of 12 percent media consumption time followed by shopping (9 percent) and local search (8 percent).

Emerging market?

China is the new US. According to IDC, in February 2013, China overtook the US to become the world’s largest smart device market, with 246 million devices (against the US 230 million) and accounted for 26.5% of all smartphone shipments last year.

The total app downloads, including only Google Play Store and Apple App Store, grew 15% in 2016 over 2015. The number of apps downloaded in 2016 stood at about 91 billion, with Google Play Store capturing about 70% of the share. The same number for 2015 was around 79 billion. Expect more rises in the figures for 2017 and beyond.

Mobil Apps Development

If you're planning on developing a new Mobile Apps, Games Apps have a huge market but it's very competitive, Games Apps come and go.Only blockbuster games really pay off. Business Apps offers smaller market but revenue gain would be more stable.

Mobile Apps for Communication is very stable and there are existing core players. Unless you intend to disrupt their business model, it's a safe bet to focus on other category.

Are you embarking on a new Mobil Apps Development? Here are some key questions for your considerations:

  1. What are the leading app stores globally in terms of revenues?
  2. Which categories see the highest number of app downloads?
  3. In terms of revenue opportunity, which monetisation performs best: In-app or PPD (Pay per Download)?
  4. What impact have connected TV devices had on app downloads?
  5. Where does the monetisation opportunity lie?

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