Wednesday, April 3, 2019

To grow, you need to move out from your comfort zone

While you might think you’re challenging yourself and moving toward your goals, you could be confusing daily frustrations and roadblocks for actual growth.

Our worlds shrink or expand based on our willingness to do things outside of our comfort zone. While this growth can feel uncomfortable, it often is what’s needed to propel you forward.

Identify one project that is high value to your organization and find a way to proactively put it into your day-to-day task list. Make sure you prioritize it over less-significant work.

Pick a goal that you don’t totally know how to accomplish, commit to it, and watch your abilities and confidence grow as you work towards it.

Comfort zones are sneaky because they feel, well, comfortable. Obviously, I’m not suggesting you push yourself to do scary, uncomfortable things every moment of every day. But I will encourage you to add some productive discomfort to your routine. When you push outside of your comfort zone, you’ll know that you’re doing more than just busy work. You’ll be actively growing your skills, your confidence, and your career.


  1. It's a good article. What I learnt is if we get out from our comfort zone, we will be more productive , creative, and be more flexible when unexpected things happen in future. Learn new things also will contribute to your experience and happiness as well.

  2. From my experience, doing things out of my comfort zone makes me more knowledgeable. Learn more interesting things, and make me more confident to take on other challenges...

  3. Breaking outside one's comfort zone could be paradoxical. One may take a challenge that he/she are willing to handle the calculated risks; that itself is still lying within the comfort zone. Therefore I personally think one could take a risk of choosing their own battles, rather than not facing any battle at all. Good article.

  4. Truly whenever we got out from our comfort zone and embracing the unknowns, we have a new outlook on life and started to seek the exhilarating feeling we got when we gain new knowledge. Also, it is nice to share knowledge that we got as we can see others point of view and learn from them in the process.

  5. good article and training session. Challenge new thing can improve ourselves