Thursday, January 28, 2021

Datapuri Financial System - 2020 Performance

The result is out. In 2020, our Datapuri Financial System helped customers to process RM217.43 million invoice amount (revenue). Our customers consist of different segments, namely: Logistics, Construction, Agriculture, Information Technology and Oil & Gas.

Similarly, in 2019, our Datapuri Financial System helped to process RM223.72 million invoice amount. Obviously, our customers suffered approximately RM6.29 million in reduction of revenue, no thanks to the prevailing Corona Virus pandemic.

2021 will be another challenging year for most of us. As for Pasti Nyala, we are expecting lower sales too, as most companies try to conserve their cash reserve or in the process of cost-cutting.

For Small and Medium Enterprises who required an affordable system to manage their account and finances, contact us for more information on our Datapuri Financial System.