Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tag Care for women - Jaga Jaga

Here's our pitching video clip called Tag Care 1.0, a Mobile App for women with features for safety rating, online assistance and reach out functions for counseling, reporting of abuse as well as self-education via an online workshop and short courses.

Be Safe. Tag Care.

View our short video clip below:

Berikut adalah klip video kami bernama Tag Care 1.0, App Mudah Alih untuk wanita yang mempunyai ciri-ciri untuk penarafan keselamatan, bantuan dalam talian dan menjangkau fungsi untuk kaunseling, pelaporan penderaan serta pendidikan diri melalui bengkel dalam talian dan kursus pendek.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Ask the right questions

TO thrive in a digital economy, we need to be innovative and creative, and that requires the habit of asking questions, the right one.
Making it a habit isn’t very hard, but sometimes we find ourselves unwilling to ask questions – perhaps because we don’t think it’s necessary (apathy) or we feel we know ‘enough’ (overconfidence), or we don’t want to appear rude, weak, ignorant and unsure (fear) by asking ‘stupid’ questions.
Yet, asking questions is essential in innovation and entrepreneurship because it’s an effective way to find and identify issues that would come to define the nature of our product, service, or overall business.
Moreover, as we become more dependent on technology in our daily lives, it’s always helpful to know how the apps or devices we use function aside from knowing the basics.
For instance, if we’re not sure how to maintain our smartphones, we can find out with questions such as “How do we ensure our phone is always in good condition?” or “Why do some apps consume more power and space?” or “How can we protect our phone from being hacked?” or "How to spot a phishing email?"
Beyond just answers, asking the right questions can bring about other benefits:
A better understanding
Asking a combination of open-ended and detailed questions can lead to answers that clarify your doubts about a process, situation or issue.
The more in depth these answers are, the clearer your understanding becomes, and that can improve your critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
A more open mind
Making ‘questioning’ a habit, particularly when talking to people of different cultures and values, can broaden your knowledge, especially as you listen to their points of view without prejudgment.
This is also applicable to your tackling of new topics because it encourages new exploration and insight.
By keeping an open mind, your brain becomes more flexible, thereby enabling you to absorb and access information more easily.
A greater sense of empathy
Gaining new perspectives can also strengthen your empathy, particularly in being aware of the nature of professionals from different fields.
For example, non-IT individuals will be able to identify with IT professionals by considering their work function and process.
This is because, despite their highly technical proficiency, IT professionals need time to produce the likes of apps and software, given that these products don’t develop overnight.
A better lifelong learner
Above all, asking questions and finding answers constantly helps to boost your learning ability, and even enables you to be more aware of yourself.
This is due to your willingness to take the time to learn about a subject in depth, making you an active learner instead of a passive observer.
So, make it a habit to ask the right questions so that you can become a more capable individual.