Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Courage to act

Peter F. Drucker argues that “In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.”

That decision is a processing thought of selecting a course of action. To do (despite your fear or pressure) or not to do. Courage is an attribute of good character that makes us worthy of respect.

Regardless if you are in management, lead or contributing members, you are are not exempted for making a decision.

In Pasti Nyala operation, there are plenty of decisions and actions to be taken, such as:

  • to complete a task timely with good quality
  • willing to spend the time to participate, observe, learn and share
  • willing to commit to self-improvement
  • taking challenges to be accountable for or take lead to be in charge of something
  • to have the desire to be more competent
  • learn to lead and show positive examples
  • contribute to the cause

Let me give an example. Suppose Ms Heidi Hamilton is the Team Lead for a module called "Datapuri Human Resource Information System". Being a senior coder, Ms Heidi is expected to make sure that the module is free of defect. But having the courage to act, on her own accord, she could do even more, like, learning the HR industry (knowing the HR processes inside out), plan for upgrades, preparing marketing kits, helping in sales, support, you name it.

If you are somewhat in a senior position (either based on your position or length of service) and if you don't dare to decide (act), probably because of:

  • not willing to spend extra time for the team
  • well, my juniors will do the work
  • I'm contented with my existing workload

then, expect the following:

  • you will still be the same in time to come
  • some young blood will be called in to deliver better outcomes, and 
  • the team will be losing trust in you

If the above sound hash, then view it from this perspective. Being willing to act more, you will accomplish more:
  • gain more knowledge for yourself and your team
  • gain more trust and respect from your peers
  • you become more reliable and competent in your workplace
  • gain potential for rewards and incentives
  • gain possibility of being selected in something greater
  • you become a true leader that influence

If you are not bold enough to take the leap at the right moment than you might never reach the destination you aimed for. The road toward success may not be easy for everyone. Yours may be full of challenges. That is when you have to take the risk and make a bold decision. You may lose, or you may win, but you will never know if you don’t try.

The more you have followed your fears and acted despite of the discomfort you have felt, the more your life will have expanded.

So don’t wait for the courage to act. Instead: act, and courage will follow.