Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Creating Value for Small and Midsize Businesses

I came across this short article about a company called In Cloud Solutions with a simple principle, that is to Win Business(es) by Creating Value for Small and Midsize Businesses. They are relative a new outfit by very focus on their business. So if they can, there is no reason why Pasti Nyala can't. Like them, we have similar values, Integrity (for trust) and Quality.

The cloud is an attractive prospect for many solutions providers and VARs, but the question always remains… how will my organization be successful with cloud solutions? Any company worth its salt will want to have a clear path to success and understanding of time to value, and how long the company will take to get a return on investment.

One such company is In Cloud Solutions. This VAR was established by two consultants with strong cloud ERP backgrounds: Liz Matraves and Caroline Atkinson. They have built a business solely around SAP Business ByDesign – cloud ERP. Their return on the investment in SAP cloud was a mere 18 months, and their upfront investment in start-up costs were primarily their own sweat equity.

In Cloud Solutions specializes in providing services and support for customers. They work closely with customers to enable faster growth by helping their customers better use their core resources. Using SAP Business ByDesign provides these SMB customers with a tool that allows them to compete on the same level as their larger counterparts.

Their focus is solely on delivering quality to the customer by creating a trusted relationship focused on achieving customer’s business objectives.

Another factor of In Cloud Solution’s success is that Liz and Caroline have leveraged their SAP partnership and taken advantage of enablement and education, marketing materials, and the connection SAP has provided them to customer opportunities.

Currently, In Cloud Solutions is working on extension to SAP Business ByDesign. These add-ons are industry specific solutions that will provide them with new revenue streams and business opportunities in key markets.

In Cloud Solutions is truly a boutique SAP Business ByDesign value added reseller in the UK. Following are some additional details around their business:

  • Dedicated to SAP Business ByDesign
  • 20 Employees
  • Providing direct support to over 35 customers
  • Small Business customers with as few as 15 employees
  • Focused on SME Segment in Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution, Professional Services, Telco, and Financial Services

Source: SAP

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