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Task Management Software Improves Prioritization

When running a company, department, or an individual team, it is of the utmost importance to motivate your employees in order to obtain the best results and ensure everyone is completing their tasks. As such, properly managing tasks becomes imperative since workers will have to conduct assignments that show real results. One way for supervisors to simplify this process is by implementing task management software in their department.

Pasti Nyala has a few tools but not fully utilized. Members need constant reminding and this can be quite tiring. I'm aware that reminding someone else is part of managing people. But some subordinates are just not cooperating. No doubt they are listening, but the end result or the improvement is just now showing.

In order for anyone to succeed in their job, they will need to have the focus and the drive to get their tasks done. Google for some articles on how to focus on work productivity and how to help subordinates improve concentration and productivity so that they have enough focus to bring results for the team and the company. 

Moving Away from Email Management toward Task Management Software

Often, managers have attempted to track the tasks their team members are working on through email. Using email to manage how workers are doing on their assignments may not be as beneficial. First, you need to wait until someone responds to the emails you send. Second, your workers are unlikely to provide all the information you need through an email.

Essentially, you’ll never be able to track the time spent on work among your employees or the workflow and revisions that take place by merely using emails or even face-to-face meetings. You will gain much more data by implementing task management software.

Incorporating a task management tool in your company can help you as the supervisor track the time spent on work and better manage workflow. This will give you more peace of mind since you’ll be able to see data more clearly and ensure your team is meeting deadlines. Essentially, task management software can bring better results for your company. Below are some of the main benefits of using task management software.

The Major Benefits of Task Management Software

1. Allows You to Stick to a Schedule

By utilizing task management software, you’ll be able to set up a schedule for your team members so that everyone knows when their tasks are due and when major deadlines are coming up. This is especially helpful when you’re working on different projects across many team members.

2. Improves Task Delegation

As a manager, you’ll be able to more easily delegate assignments through the use of task management software. This type of tool can help you utilize comments to discuss which individuals will complete certain tasks and what deadlines your team members can reach.

Some of the biggest difficulties with task management include failing to make appropriate business decisions and team members not completing what was asked of them, especially when a project is complex. Luckily, task management software is able to simplify the delegation of assignments, communication between team members, and general business decision-making.

3. Simplifies Remote Work

With the use of task management tools, you’ll be able to much more easily manage projects when you have employees working in different locations or even separate cities. If your workers need to spend the day at home and complete their projects that way, you’ll be able to track the time they spend working with the right tools.

4. Helps Schedule Meetings and Calls

Mobile phone applications and task management tools can also help you more easily message workers to schedule meetings and set up Skype or video calls when others are located remotely.

5. Simplifies Tracking the Quality of Work and Performance

With the use of project management tools, you’ll be able to more clearly track the quality of assignments received and the performance of your team members. You’ll be able to check the number of revisions an assignment goes through and help your employees improve the quality of their projects.

Prioritizing Tasks to Simplify Work among Your Team

According to an article from, President Dwight D. Eisenhower utilized a very effective organizational chart for prioritizing tasks according to which tasks are important and which ones are urgent.

Essentially, there are four specific levels that tasks can fall into. These four levels are:

Urgent and Important
Urgent and Not Important
Important and Not Urgent
Not Urgent and Not Important

At Pasti Nyala, we called this Work Priority Quadrants or WPQ.

All assignments should be completed in a top-down manner after positioning them in the organizational chart. Urgent, important things need to be completed as soon as possible while urgent and not important tasks are more minor but are still time sensitive. Important but not urgent tasks don’t need to be completed right away but are important to work on long-term. The last items that workers should complete are the ones that are not important and not urgent.

By incorporating this process in your own life and using the organizational chart to prioritize tasks among your team members, you’ll find that more goals will be met and fewer projects will fall behind.

Instead of focusing on distractions, your team will be able to concentrate on more long-term projects. Stack methodology can be used to better organize and prioritize when team members have a number of different projects to complete and various day-to-day tasks.

The manager will need to prioritize all of the assignments according to importance and urgency, which will allow workers to complete multiple parts of different projects within the same week. Stack methodology will help managers better understand deadlines, revisions, and cost of delivery. Task management software can also help you delegate and prioritize projects across your team.

The above basically gives you better insights on Task Management and I would like to relate Pasti Nyala's TASKPAD to it.

TASKPAD can help you improve productivity among your team members by helping them prioritize certain tasks and more easily meet deadlines. You’ll be able to more quickly delegate tasks using TASKPAD function and comment sections to assign projects and discuss errors or revisions/updates.

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