Sunday, October 8, 2017

10 Things that require ZERO talent

In most companies, staffs required some form of talent, usually technical talent to accomplish a task. Soft skill talents are also required to resolve certain issue for example, dealing with demanding customers, resolving complaints and so on.

However, no talent is required for staffs to comply or perform their duty as expected by the company or work policies. Below is a list of 10 things that required ZERO talent.

1. Being on time - being on time arriving at the office. being on time completing the assignment. don't give excuses of traffic jam. Wake up earlier or go to work earlier. Sleep early. Avoid mid-night lepaking. For timely assignment, don't delay.

2. Work Ethic - focus on your task and commit to complete it.

3. Effort - deliver a task with quality in mind. Sub-standard work equals partial effort.

4. Body Language - if you're genuine and honest, your body language won't lie.

5. Energy - stop wasting your energy on non-productive tasks, like mobile games, social networking, gossiping, surfing, etc.

6. Attitude - don't just promise that you are going to complete the assignment. Get it done.

7. Passion - been keen to learn and understand the business or operation. 

8. Being Coachable - be open to new ideas and better way of doing things. Keep note of important tips and how-to guides.

9. Doing Extra - whenever possible, volunteer to do extra.

10. Being Prepared - plan your work. Create and update your to-do list.

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