Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What does a good team mean

Try to build a good team. What does a good team mean? Below is a quote from one of Jack Ma's speech:

A good team does not mean you hire excellent people from Harvard or from a multinational or from Fortune 500 companies.

Hire the right people, not necessarily the best people. The way to get the best people is always you train them. There's no 'best people' in the market, the best people for you are always the ones you trained yourself. So, I say if you hire the people who are very good but not suitable to you, it's just like you are putting a Boeing 747 engine into a poor tractor. Neither of them is happy. The engine's not happy, the poor tractor's not happy. So find the right people.

Source: Jack Ma, Tech in Asia

For the case of Pasti Nyala, if we cannot find the right people or right talent, we might as well train and develop them into the right people, provided they are willing to learn, contribute and be part of the team.

Creating a good team is just a start. I want to make a great team. For my fellow team members, please instill the following pointers:

What makes a good team GREAT?
1. There must be a strong desire to win.
2. A team wants to be the best in every situation.
3. Respect for the leader and each member.
4. Supporting and helping each member and avoid unhappy people.
5. Honesty is integral to any great team.
6. Great teams think out of the box strategy.
7. Remaining calm under pressure.
8. A team needs to take responsibility.
9. A team willing to take calculated risks.
10. ADAPTABILITY to learn and to change.

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