Friday, April 21, 2017

Top 5 Features for a Business App

Pasti Nyala is embarking on Mobile Apps development soon hence the posting of this article for our own future references.

The very basic challenge for us would be what kind of App that we should develop knowing that Google Play and Apple Store are flooded with all sorts of Apps.

Here's what customers want your Mobile App to do:

Feature #1. App should include a Loyalty Card Program. 

  • 70% of smartphone users would be interested in using their smartphone to collect points and receive discounts.
  • 69% of smartphone users would be likely to download a loyalty application.
  • 52% of Millennials want to use their mobile devices to take advantage of loyalty programs offered by restaurants, bar and coffee shops. 

Feature #2. App should include Discount Coupons.

  • 75% of consumers redeemed a mobile coupon in 2013.
  • 39% of customers spend more if they receive a personalized mobile coupon.
  • 36% of consumers would like to receive mobile coupons based on their current location.
  • Type of Discount and Loyalty features for an App: Mobile Coupons, Scratch, and Win (or similar to Apple iPhone 7 feature that allowed user to send a secret message and the receiver is required to erase the 'e-UV ink' to reveal the message.
  • Read Best Apps For Finding Discounts.

Feature #3. App should provide Customer Service.

  • Over 78% of consumers surveyed use mobile apps for customer service purposes but beware, 55% of consumers who leave feedback in a mobile app are not likely to remain a customer if their feedback goes seemingly ignored.
  • Type of customer service features for an App: Make Reservations, Book Appointments, Order Food.

Feature #4. App should include a Click-To-Call Button.

  • 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.
  • Phone calls have 30-50% conversation rates compared to only 1-2% for clicks. 
  • Type of Contact features for an App: Click-To-Call, Contact Form, Click-To-Email
Feature #5. App should include a Push Notifications.

  • 46% of consumers say they use push because they like receiving personalized alerts.
  • In fact, 77% of smartphone users said mobile offers, such as surprise points or rewards, exclusive content and special birthday messaging, have a positive or very positive impact on their brand loyalty.
  • 65% of consumers check and open a push notification if interested.

So now we have a good idea on the basic features of what a Mobile App should have. Next is to think about our own killer-app. Anyone want to suggest a killer-name for it?

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